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Later, Aaron’s loved ones are crushed when he is sent to prison for a year.

Over in Coronation Street, Leanne Tilsley welcomes a new life into Weatherfield but will it lead to new heartbreak for Michelle Connor?Will the event prove fruitful for single Sally – or has she got her eye set on someone else?fans could see Sally St Claire get a new love interest next week as she reluctantly takes part in a speed dating night at the local restaurant.Meanwhile, in East Enders, Ian Beale also faces life changing news as he visits the doctor while Ste Hay has big decisions to make in Hollyoaks as he decides to finish things with Harry Thompson so that he can reunite with John Paul Mc Queen.We have pulled together a selection of the pictures which highlight the big drama ahead in soapland below.

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Concerned for the headmistress, Neeta decides she’s going to help out.