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Dating antarctic ice cores

Since the ice sheet is formed by the accumulation of snow year after year, by drilling from the surface down through the ice sheet, we drill our way back in time.

Ice drills are designed to collect a core as they cut through the ice, so samples are collected that are made up of ice deposited (in the form of snow) many thousands of years ago.

While I didn't count 4,000 layers, I could see several hundred.

In my view it just isn't reasonable to claim that all of that ice was laid down in just a few years after the flood.

I spent a year in Greenland (Thule) and went up onto the cap a few times.

While there I had the opportunity to talk to a team of scientists who were loading supplies in order to head back out onto the cap. They said that they were working in an area where the ice was about 9,000 ft. I mentioned that I was amazed that the ice went up that far.

Figure 1 Scientists measure ice cores from deep drilling sites on the ice sheet near Casey station Photo by M. The annual precipitation of snow, averaged across the continent, is about 30 centimetres, which is equivalent to about 10 centimetres of water.

Our results show that consistent ice and gas chronologies can be derived for depth intervals that are well-constrained by relevant glaciological data.

This method enables us to gather widespread chronological information and to use regional or global markers (i.e., methane, volcanic sulfate, Beryllium-10, tephra layers, etc.) to link the core chronologies stratigraphically.

Confidence intervals of the new dating scenarios can be calculated thanks to the probabilistic formulation of the new method, which takes into account both modeling and data uncertainties.

Because of the low temperatures, however, there is little or no melt.

Thus the snow has accumulated year after year for thousands of years and, with time, is compressed to ice to form the Antarctic ice sheet.

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Still, there are other means to study the composition of the ice that makes it possible to recognize the seasonal layering.