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Dating old horseshoes

Steeped in the history of the South and the West, his quest is haunted by the legend of Jesse James and imbued with the mysterious stuff of Freemasonry, coded treasure maps and conspiracy theories dating to John Wilkes Booth.

Along the way, Brewer says, he has unearthed about 0,000 worth of gold and silver coins.

These can be put together for just a few dollars and make camping even more exciting.

Nature Explorer Kits " data-medium-file="https:// data-large-file="https:// class="aligncenter wp-image-5199" src=" alt="Nature Explorer Kits" width="450" height="643" srcset="https:// https:// https:// sizes="(max-width: 450px) 100vw, 450px" / is a fun way to get the entire family, young and old, together for some fun. Packing everything from the food to essential tools to ways to keep the kids busy makes for a stressful day, but I think we’re finally going to get outside and camp more because I found this really useful is going to make it so much easier to get everyone and everything ready for some family bonding in the great outdoors!

But luckily, it's been democratized; you can buy a set for 15 shekels at your local Home Depot. Slinging an on-point shot makes you feel like an Olympian holding a Solo cup.

But you're going to need a decent amount of room to make this one work. High Noon takes its inspiration from the tumbleweed-laden duels of Wild West fame.

CODE: Bob Brewer points out arcane symbols on a tree in western Arkansas that he believes are clues to a treasure stashed away by the Knights of the Golden Circle, a secretive Confederate group. "Grandpa" Ashcraft, pointed it out on a logging trip 57 years ago."He said, 'Boy, you see that tree?

Join us all summer long as we get up in your grill with expert BBQ advice, insightful interviews, and bad grilling puns -- but mostly those first two.ook, croquet and badminton are for white guys named Chauncy who wear socks to the beach. Cornhole -- while still a perfectly nice game, don’t get me wrong -- has just become a little... The best part of summertime grill-fests, aside from the copious piles of meat, should be the outdoor games.Luckily, society has developed at least 15 worthwhile pastimes to occupy your non-drinkin’ hand after you finish stuffing your gullet. Summertime is here and for many people that means it is time to get out of the heat and head to the mountains.If you are heading out camping with kids in tow, make sure to have some of these camping activities on hand.

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I love that this includes pictures so even the smallest explorers can get involved in the fun!