Easter dating method

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Easter dating method

no single point in common with the perjury of the Jews.The early church father Eusebius also records Emperor Constantine as writing: ...Ecclesiastical history preserves the memory of three distinct phases of the dispute regarding the proper time of observing Easter.It will add to clearness if we in the first place state what is certain regarding the date and the nature of these three categories. The dioceses of all Asia, as from an older tradition, held that the fourteenth day of the moon, on which day the Jews were commanded to sacrifice the lamb, should always be observed as the feast of the life-giving pasch [], contending that the fast ought to end on that day, whatever day of the week it might happen to be.

The seventh month in a normal Jewish calendar year is the month of Nisan (also called Abib in the Old Testament).This was the case, for example, of the German Protestant states, which used the astronomical full moon in the years 1700-1776.A similar practice was used in Sweden in the years 1740-1844 and in Denmark in the 1700s.) The full moon that precedes Easter is called the Paschal full moon.The controversy surrounding this issue was a principal topic at the Council of Nicea in 325 A. Emperor Constantine presided over this council—note his own words: It was, in the first place, declared improper to follow the custom of the Jews in the celebration of this holy festival, because their hands having been stained with crime, the minds of these wretched men are necessarily blinded ...Let us, then, have nothing in common with the Jews, who are our adversaries ... who, after having compassed the death of the Lord, being out of their minds, are guided not by sound reason, but by an unrestrained passion, wherever their innate madness carries them ... Therefore, this irregularity must be corrected, in order that we may no more have any thing in common with those parricides and the murderers of our Lord ...

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