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Php script for updating contacts

So far you have learnt how to put information into your My SQL database, view the information in it and select which information you would like to view.In this part I will show you how to do the two final actions, updating your database and deleting records from it.This makes it much more effective for an update script.$query = "UPDATE contacts SET first = '$ud_first', last = '$ud_last', phone = '$ud_phone', mobile = '$ud_mobile', fax = '$ud_fax', email = '$ud_email', web = '$ud_web' WHERE id = '$ud_id'"; This query tells the database to update the contacts table where the ID is the same as the value stored in $ud_id (which as you can see from the form on the previous page was set as the id of the record we are updating) and to set the following fields to the specified values (which were set using the form on the previous page).These feeds can then be parsed in any XML-aware programming language.So, I can retrieve contacts and insert contacts, but I'm having a problem updating contacts. The xml is well-formed, since I can do the inserts, but it seems that the URL I'm using doesn't work? The application calls Google Contacts API on behalf of the Google service account, so your visitors aren't directly involved.Unfortunately, you will need Google's suite of intelligent apps (formerly Google Apps) here, as one of the main step in this article is to delegate domain-wide authority to your application's Google service account.

By using the $id variable you output links which would pass the correct ID to the script so that it can update the database.Using this you can then create the update script, which will actually have two sections to it.The first part of the update script uses the single record selection from last week but adds a little HTML to it to make it more useful.This API, which follows the REST model, can be accessed through any XML-capable development toolkit, and already has client libraries for many common programming languages...including my favourite, PHP.This article will introduce you to the Google Contacts Data API, and show you how to integrate and use contact data with a custom PHP application.

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Also, when I hit Edit in my list.php, I want the edit_show the edit form with pre-filled contact info. Here's a pretty comprehensive primer How To use PHP Improved Mysqli - And Why You Should$sql = "UPDATE Contacts SET firstname='".mysql_real_escape_string($firstname)."', lastname='".mysql_real_escape_string($lastname)."', email='".mysql_real_escape_string($email)."', phone_number='".mysql_real_escape_string($phonenumber)."', timesstamp =NOW() WHERE id=".mysql_real_escape_string($id); do this - just after the $sql ="UPDATE ..." line add: print_r($_POST).'';echo $sql;exit; See what the post vars look like and make sure they appear correct and then look at the sql statement that is displayed and make sure it's valid.

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