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As it turned out, though, I sold the restaurant a few months after the divorce and went to work for another company in sales.

And to my surprise, we started slowly getting back together.

I have the pleasure of being mum to three children.

Two of whom were fathered by my ex-husband and my third little angel is the child of my current husband.

It's true that certain men prefer the company of women many years their junior. LTK: Do most people in their 60s want a relationship or a fling? That doesn't necessarily mean marriage, just companionship, fun and sex. Every day a new crop of potential "good ones" comes on the market. ''' Susan Kiner: During perimenopause, the months or years prior to menopause, levels of two female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, vary irregularly.

LTK: What groundwork did you do to prepare for this book?

Susan Kiner: I interviewed extensively for the book, not confining myself to women or to the over 60.

Wendy: I felt Dan was making business decisions that didn't include me.

He was taking on a lot of personal debt to save his restaurant, and I was just along for the roller-coaster ride.

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"It stopped me in my tracks, and I'm not even sure I'm over it.