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Posted by / 20-Aug-2016 16:22

Profit-seeking in the banking and health care industries has victimized Americans.

Now it’s beginning to happen in education, with our children as the products.

A legislative committee last week endorsed a bill that would make it easier for towns to dissolve regional school districts.

Whatever the perspective, the school consolidation debate is far from over. John Baldacci took on school consolidation as one of his major issues.

Ample evidence exists beyond CREDO to question the effectiveness of charter schools (although they continue to have both supporters and detractors).

Unfortunately, research on consolidation does not offer definitive guidance for making such decisions.

These local units of government are also responsible for Illinois’ growing property taxes, which already rank as the third-highest in the country.

Many of the state’s local governments could be consolidated – which would help to reduce their negative effects.

Charter Schools Have Not Improved Education The recently updated CREDO study at Stanford revealed that while charters have made progress since 2009, their performance is about the same as that of public schools.

The differences are, in the words of the National Education Policy Center, “so small as to be regarded, without hyperbole, as trivial.” Furthermore, the four-year improvement demonstrated by charters may have been due to the closing of schools that underperformed in the earlier study, and also by a variety of means to discourage the attendance of lower-performing students.

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Among the key candidates for consolidation are the state’s 859 local school districts, which consume nearly two-thirds of the $27 billion in local property taxes that local governments across Illinois collect each year.

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