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At first I was angry, but now, even though I feel ready to date, I'm unintentionally rude and critical to new people who show interest. I feel my focus should be even more on them, and I'm torn.

I don't get out much, but I would like to feel willing to accept a new opportunity if it presented itself. Start by pulling yourself together and managing your conflicted feelings.

I've been divorced for three years and have two boys ages 5 and 9.

After a bad one-year on/off relationship, I've been pushing men away. I feel guilty for even considering a new relationship because my kids don't want me to date at all.

For instance, you can look at the commands about living a holy life and apply them to your relationships, including dating and marriage.

Between the mixed signals (“Does he like me or are we just friends? While the word “dating” does not appear in the Bible, we know that God desires people to treat each other with honesty, integrity, respect and honor.

Whether your dating life has been desert dry and you haven’t had a date in months (or years), or you’re just starting to like someone, new beginnings in relationships can be fraught with questions and angst. It’s important to focus on what you can control, not what you can’t. Most often the images portrayed of dating on TV, movies and other media is the world’s way—with levels of emotional and physical intimacy that are contrary to Christian beliefs.

”) and the uncertainty (“Will we ever get together again or was that just a ‘one and done’ event? A few of the ways to honor someone in a relationship, according to what God says, are being more other-centered than self-centered, and holding back on total physical intimacy (sex) until after the commitment of marriage.

So before the phone rings, how can you be prepared to make better choices in dating and relationships? Making wiser and better choices in relationships begins as you think about how you’ll date—the world’s way or God’s way.

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If you don't believe us, just watch an episode of "If You Are The One." While the pursuit of finding "The One" is hard, here are some pearls of wisdom we've gained from watching the show.